Your questions. Answered.

Is my account safe?

Yes! Instaheap is the first & only platform that uses Machine Learning pattern recognition (similar to Instagram's) to determine the optimal times and delays for performing activities on your account.

How does the 3-day free trial work?

There’s no risk and no credit card required. Sign up for a trial and enjoy all the features of our platform. After 3 days you’ll be asked to choose a plan and all the work you did in the trial will persist.

Can I connect multiple accounts?

Easily! Once you're onboard, you can connect as many accounts as you need to and easily manage them all at once. Also, Instaheap supports full team management, making it easier than ever to have your entire team track your accounts.

How much does it cost?

Plans start at just $9/account. They are built to scale to millions of followers, and range in price, driven by the time package you're looking for. Go to our pricing page and find a pricing plan that matches you and your team’s needs!

Other Inquiries

You can reach us anytime via email: support@instaheap.com. For quick questions you can always hop on our live chat.